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By Jenna

I am a member of the Barry Island Historical Group and last week the group held it’s first exhibition since re-forming last year. Little Birdie Studio designed the retro-looking posters for the event and the event was a huge success.  The group is run by a voluntary Management Committee and we all have a connection with Barry Island.

This year the group decided to hold a two-day event displaying photographs from the period 1952 to 2012 inclusive (to coincide with the 60 years that Queen Elizabeth II has been on the throne) and cover all aspects of life and the community on Barry Island.

Images from the Barry Island Historical Group Exhibition

We had over 500 photographs on display and the event attracted visitors from all parts of Barry and further afield. My favorite set of photographs were those showcasing the seaside and fairground attractions.  It was so fab to see how vibrant the show-ground used to be, and how well-kept the rides were.  In those days, stall owners took pride in their shows and rides were beautifully painted with rich colours such as red, purples and golds. People were smiling and the fairground was buzzing with people.  Such a contrast to today.

There is so much more to a photograph than just somebody smiling at the camera. Especially when we look back at old photos.  An old photograph depicts its era, fashion, popular culture and architecture which when viewed can trigger nostalgia.

Images from the Barry Island Historical Group Exhibition

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and in design this can certainly be the case. Our brains process images quicker than words and when seeing an image we immediately get feelings and emotions.  As designs we are always trying to convey the message to the audience through images, colours and words.

For more fantastic photographs, check out the Barry Island Historical Group Facebook page