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The Website Design Process – Start to Finish

Here’s an overview of how we work with our clients. Helpful for clients to know how we work and what is needed/expected from them – this sounds scary but it’s an enjoyable process.

Initial Meeting

blog-web-process-coffeeInitially we meet with our clients for a cup of coffee (or any other beverage of course!) and a chat. We can get to know each another and discover what is needed and wanted from their website (and branding if required).



The Branding Stage

blog-web-process-brandingWe discuss what is desired from their logo, and we complete a custom questionnaire we have devised to gather likes, dislikes and requirements. Using the information collected, we design and provide 3 logo concepts. The client can choose 1 which is then developed to their liking. Once the final logo is selected, files are supplied in various formats for print and web usage.


Website Design Stage

blog-web-process-requirements-gatheringUsing initial requirements, the website design process can begin. We work with the client to gather insight about the look and feel of the website desired. Layout, fonts, colour scheme and content are all developed to create the most suitable website for the clients business.

The client can provide their desired site map (a list of the pages of a website accessible to visitors) this helps us develop the website navigation (website menu). The client can also provide:

  • Content (wording for each page) – we can recommend/work with fantastic local copywriters in the local area if clients do not wish to write their own content or would like some assistance.
  • Images – if a client does not have any images, we can recommend/work with local photographers or source images on their behalf

Website Showcased

blog-web-process-website-showcasedInitial website designs are showcased to the client to gather opinion and amendments required. Designs are exchanged until the client is 100% happy.

Designs are then developed in to a fully functional working website (using HTML and CSS for static websites and HTML, CSS and PHP for content management system websites).

We meet with the client to personally showcase their brand new website. The client is shown how to securely login and update their own website. Then any questions are answered.


Website launched

blog-web-process-website-launchedThen once everyone is happy, the website is launched on our secure server hosted by a fab company called Diamond Discovery in Bridgend.

We have a selection of packages to suit small to medium businesses and new start ups, if you require more information please get in touch via email: or by calling 01446 748 664.